Notice To All Mankind IV

To all to whom these Presents shall come: We the undersigned delegates of the colonies and territories affixed to our names, in order to preserve life, liberty, and property, solemnly ordain this Declaration to the Republick identified as the united states of America.

Whereas the Declaration of Independence was declared in 1776 notifying the world that the people declared their independence from foreign interests altogether.

Whereas, the flag of 1777 identified the Republick as a sovereign nation. Whereas, the seal of 1782 identified this Republick as a sovereign nation.

Whereas, the Articles of Confederation, ratified on March 1, 1781, created, “The united states of America”, never having been repealed, forming a perpetual Union, and mandating that all powers not delegated to the State or General Government, are reserved to the people; and

Whereas, The united states of America has been recognized by treaty and international law from its inception, but has been dormant only because the offices have not been occupied or operated by the people; and

Whereas, the state represented hereunder, having restored their lawful Republican form of government within their state, and having given proper Notice to the rest of mankind; in mutual agreement to lawfully occupy The united states of America; recognizing the Unanimous Declaration of the 46 sovereign nation states operating as the united states of America.

Therefore, by our hand and seal, under the doctrine of necessity, we hereby declare: We are peacefully reinstating those law forms that are in harmony with our founding documents, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, and the Law of nations, rejecting all others, regardless of their source. We hereby give lawful Notice to all of mankind that the united states of America is now officially restored to its original purpose and glory and operating under the four organic laws listed as the 1) Declaration of Independence 1776, 2) Articles of Confederation 1777, 3) Northwest Ordinance 1787, 4) Constitution for the united states of America 1787 with a lawful militia, the men and women of the united states of America honored the “intent” of the original documents, creating a covenant and a Republican form of self-governance to form a lawful Republick with a sovereign currency identified as Replik.

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