The Roots of the Republick

Our Republick Roots

The Past

The Declaration of Independence was created in 1776 and is the 1st organic (natural) law. The name of the united states of America was included in this and is designated as a Republick. (notice the spelling)

UNITED STATES (See Republica v. Sweers, 1 Dallas 43, and 28 USC 3002(15)) indicates a corporation which is styled as a democracy.

Title 28 USC Sections 14 through 16

(14) ''State'' means any of the several States, the District of, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, or any territory or possession of the United States.

        (15) ''United States'' means -
          (A) a Federal corporation;
          (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity
        of the United States; or
          (C) an instrumentality of the United States.
        (16) ''United States marshal'' means a United States marshal, a

deputy marshal, or an official of the United States Marshals Service designated under section 564)

The Articles of Confederation was created in 1777 by colonies and is designated as the 2nd organic [natural] law.  Article I of the Articles of Confederation includes united states of America was designated as the Republick government for the people.

None of the seals or constitutions of the colonies were submitted to the people for their approval.
The Constitution for the united states of America was never ratified by the founding fathers and is the 3rd organic (natural) law.

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was never ratified by the founding fathers and is the 4th organic (natural) law.
The U.S. Constitution was created in 1787 for a corporate government.

On August 9, 1790, Article One of the U.S. Statutes at Large (pages 138-178) abolished the State of the Republic and created Federal Districts in the same year the former States of the Republic were reorganized as corporations and their legislatures wrote new State Constitutions, absent was defined boundaries, which they presented to the people of each state for a vote.  WHY THIS TIME/ Because the new state constitutions fraudulently made the people citizens of the new corporate state for 220 years until the present time.



1)  In 2011, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania brought forward their original constitution and seal, and submitted the same to the people which then brought forward the lawful nation and state under Article II of the Articles of Confederation which states “the state retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence” and submitted the paperwork to the Hague, Universal Postal Union, and the United Nations.
2) In 2011, New Hampshire followed.
3) In 2011, New York followed.
4) In 2011, New Jersey followed.
5) In 2011, Maryland followed.
6) In 2011, Virginia followed.
7) In 2011, North Carolina followed.
8) In 2011, South Carolina followed.
9) In 2011, Georgia followed.

In 2013, the nine colonies above met and joined together to form the Republick (just as in 1777) and filed Notice Number 1 to the Hague, United Nations, Universal Postal Union, and also noticed the Pentagon.

In 2014, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut were brought forward as lawful nations/states under Article II of the Articles of Confederation.

In 2015, the 13 colonies came forward as lawful nations-states and convened the Continental Congress, which set up the Committee of States to bring forward territories and sent notice to the Hague, United Nations, Universal Postal Union, and also noticed the Pentagon.

In 2018, Committee of States convened and brought forward 24 territories, 13 colonies, Republic of Texas, and Monarchy of Hawai’i to form Republick of 39 nations-states under Republick with Notice 3 sent to Hague, United Nations, Universal Postal Union, and also noticed the Pentagon.  

The Committee of States convened on June 9, 2019, at 9:15 PM EST and brought forth a total of 46 nation-states, after which the Committee of States officially then went out of business.

Whereupon, the Continental Congress reconvened and acknowledged 46 nation-states. Forthcoming, the Continental Congress will invite 500 plus Indian Tribes and the Canadian Provinces to join the Republick via covenant under the Articles of Confederation to form a Republick on North America from Alaska to the Mexican border and Hawai’i to the Atlantic Ocean.

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